Press quotes

“Beware of Fallingice because this act will leave its mark on you, make no mistake about it."
Dan MacIntosh (Journalist for Spin, Paste, CMJ)
“With Meatsuit, Fallingice has managed to sustain numerous melodies throughout their songs without diminishing the impact of their rough, metal edges, something that many heavy rock bands fail to create."
4 stars (out of 5) Alec Cunningham (Journalist for Blank Newspaper, Exposed)
“Fallingice aren't as slick or polished a post-grunge band as Creed, 3 Doors Down or Nickelback, and while angst-ridden tracks such as "Soap Bubble,” "Inner Confusion,” "Hands in Chains,” "Desired" and "Another Day" are radio-friendly, they also show a fondness for the type of explosive fury that Nirvana favored back in the early 1990s. Those songs have melody and nuance, but they are also decidedly edgy."
Alex Henderson (Journalist for Billboard, Spin, The L.A. Weekly, All Music Guide)
“Fallingice means alternative rock like a shot. It means a crystal clear post-grunge sound. Untouched, pristine, pure. It means an album born out of granite. It means not being a prisoner of time. 'Meatsuit' sounds fresh. A stab in the chest. Huge record of its kind. Stunning album out of all genres."
Emanuele Tamagnini (
“It rarely happens that an Italian group of alt-rock gets signed by an English indie label and sells in America and in Europe before you know who they are in Italy. The ice falls, it touches "Grunge" and it doesn't let the melody fade away."
Massimo Cotto (Max)
“Meatsuit convinced me to keep an eye on future releases of the band and it's definitely recommended for every alternative, metal or old school nu-metal lover."
Furyrocks (Netherlands)
“The album offers a lot of fine hooks and varied arrangements for all the rockers out there. The more you listen to 'Meatsuit', the more you like it. And that was a feature of many good albums."
“Meatsuit is an incredible album! Close your eyes and listen to it... the vocals of Vice seep into your soul and your body begins to sway....the music creeps into your legs and you just can't help but dance."
Deviants Underground Radio, Knoxville (Usa)